*New Service* OZONE SAUNA

Jan 2019 - We are excited to introduce our Ozone Sauna and Ozone (Activated Oxygen) Therapy to our repetoire of supportive, health promoting services. 

*Special Introductory Pricing*
$50/1st sauna session (reg $95)


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Colonic sessions are by appointment only. We do our best to accommodate last minute requests.  If our schedule is booked, please ask to be put on a waiting list.  We will notify you immediately in the event of a cancellation.

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If you're a new client and would like a little more information regarding "what to expect" on your first visit, please click the link below.


Juanita Watson is a highly skilled, master-level Colon Hydrotherapist and Functional Nutrition Consultant. Her personal and professional 30+ year health journey led to a profound appreciation for healing from the inside out. She is passionate about helping people discover exceptional health, and living life feeling empowered, radiant, and fully alive. Juanita has worked with a wide range of clients including professional athletes, celebrity and high-profile. She maintains a private office in Austin, TX and consults out-of-town and international clients via telephone, skype and zoom. 

"You absolutely can achieve the radiant health you've always wanted!"

~Juanita Watson,
Owner, Radiance Health Center
I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist,
Holistic Nutrition Consultant
Clinical Herbalist

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Symptoms of toxic overload:
*frequent fatigue
*chronic digestive issues
*powerful food cravings
*inability to lose weight
*recurring infections/flus
*allergies/food sensitivities
*negative emotions
*skin problems
*chronic stress patterns
*feeling "blah"





Prepare for a Colonic - Suggestions to Maximize your Colon Hydrotherapy Session


1)  Drink water – HYDRATE If the body is dehydrated, it may slow down colon response during a colonic.  Since one of the functions of the colon is to absorb water, if you are particularly dehydrated, your body will hold onto water during a session in an attempt to absorb some of this precious nutrient.  A portion of one’s daily water requirement can include fresh juices and herbal teas. Do not substitute coffee or soda. Caffeinated drinks have the opposite effect of water, and they actually can leech precious minerals out of the body.

The easiest way to determine your daily water requirement is to take your body weight in pounds, divide in half, and that is the number of ounces of water you should drink in one day. (example: a 150 lb. person, divide by 2 = 75 oz. water…that is 9 eight oz. glasses of water per day.)


2) Consider your food choices. Try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables (up to 50% of your diet) for 24-48 hours prior to your session.  The fiber and hydration will help to mobilize the colon and its contents.  Remember to chew your food thoroughly!   

Avoid gas-producing foods such as beans, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and congesting foods such as cheese, red meat, pasta, and breads.

** Please do not eat a heavy meal the night before your colonic appointment.  I have seen many people come in for a session after a night of eating pizza, steak, or pasta, hoping that the colonic will flush this out.  These meals tend to slow transit time, and in the case of wheat flour/cheese, end up forming a dense, sticky stools that are difficult to move.  It can be very frustrating for a first time client, and doesn’t represent the powerful nature of this work.


 3) Avoid eating 2-3 hours prior to your appointment, and avoid drinking 1 hour prior to your appointment.  It is important that your body not be focused on digestion while getting a colonic. It may affect the outcome of your session. 

Also, you will receive abdominal massage during the colonic, so it is most comfortable if you have an empty stomach and bladder.



4)  If you are particularly constipated, you may want to take a herbal laxative or stool softener the night before your session.  This can help to prevent cramping or difficult eliminations due to hardened stool having trouble passing through the speculum.  Some favorites are Smooth Move Tea (Traditional Medicinals brand), Colax (Standard Process).  Though I don’t advocate the long term use of laxatives, on occasion they can be very effective in preventing accumulated buildup in the colon that can snowball into a more serious constipation issues.  Please call if you’d like to discuss whether this is a good idea before your session, or if you need more suggestions on the appropriate laxative for your situation.


5) Move your body - Exercise stimulates intestinal circulation so get going!  Schedule some exercise either the day of or day prior to having a colonic. But please, no intense abdominal work 24 hours prior to a session. Tight, overworked abdominal muscles work against the relaxation required for full strong peristaltic contractions of the colon.

Swim, walk, ride a bicycle, run, dance, garden, play with your children, clean, or practice yoga or Pilates. Rebounding (bouncing on a mini trampoline) is fabulous for toning the colon and other organs as well as for stimulation of the lymphatic system.


6) Please arrive on time or early, and in a relaxed manner.  The digestive system and colon in particular function optimally when it is relaxed.  Laughing, breathing, exercising, listening to soothing music, and being in a supportive loving environment all help relax the nervous system. Of course, if it is your first session, it is very normal to be nervous. It is my intention to provide you the most comforting environment possible to alleviate any fear you may have regarding your session.